Manipulation In Social Media

  1. Your concept/theme/topic/prompt explained in 20 words or less:

Discussing the portrayal and manipulation of pressing issues in social media.

E.g. The Legrand case, which was manipulated to form bias


  1. How will this reflect the UWC mission

By having a Digital Dragons day in the first place we are forming a sense of community by having so many students comment of the same situation. This can start conversations within the school uniting the student body. Although there can be a difference of opinion between students, it starts a conversation which can lead to students being exposed to different perspectives


  1. How can you adapt the concept to be applicable to primary, middle, and high school students? 

The concept can be adapted in the sense that when a child regardless of age is reading a news article, they need to be able to identify the difference between what is real and what has been adjusted or twisted to fit a certain generalisation or bias.


  1. What hashtag would you use to promote the day on social media? (is this hashtag already used?)





  1. What three links/resources would you provide to help inform people before they begin to think about your concept?

  1. What about your concept is unique/important/relevant to our school community?

As previously mentioned, in school, research is a prevalent skill that gets developed and used very often. If you are not able to identify loopholes and bias, you will not be able to fulfill the development of this skill to the full extent and apply it in everyday life as their needs to be a differentiation between what is true and what has been edited to give one side more leeway.


How else would you feel that this could be implemented in a school environment?



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